Taxation & Personal Finance Masterclass

We’ve got a blockbuster filled with knowledge on personal finance ranging from gruesome taxes to complex portfolio management. A one-stop solution for you to learn and not be broke.

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1600+ students taught


Course starts on 3rd Sep


Timing 2pm to 4pm



Course Content

Goal Planning

3rd Sep, Sat

  • When you’re on the journey of planning your finances it’s necessary for you to have a goal and more than that you should be capable enough to plan your way through to reach your desired goal.
  • The satisfaction of hitting your goal is unmatched and you will learn to do it!


4th Sep, Sun

  • To keep you and your loved ones secure is one human instinct that makes us unique. With the ocean full of options for insurance it can often be overwhelming to decide what to choose.
  • That is why we will take you through all the bits and pieces that will equip you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to pick an insurance that's right for you.

Tax Planning Part-1

10th Sept, Sat

  • Taxes are gruesome and that’s a known fact. With all the new tax rules ranging from crypto to GST, we will hold your hand to navigate through all the hassle.
  • Along the way, you will also learn to take on taxes on your own, we’ll make sure taxes aren't the monsters you’re scared of.

Tax Planning Part-2

11th Sept, Sun

  • And here comes a double whammy where we'll be taking a dig into taxes at a practical angle, here we'll be exploring how will you actually implement the knowledge you've gained.
  • That's right, we're not leaving you hanging, we'll make sure you're well and able in taxes. After all bookish knowledge isn't all, practicality brings your knowledge to life.

Perks coming with our course


Finlight Certification

Obviously, you’d wanna brag about knowing about Mutual Funds from A to Z and we’ll provide you with a certificate to brag about


One-to-one interaction

There are plenty of courses that give you all the ‘gyaan’ and say goodbye, here we are going to establish a channel and you will have an opportunity to interact with us one-to-one!


Course Recording

You’re busy and we know and we understand that, to tackle this exact problem we’ll be providing you all the course recordings which would be valid for up to a year

Meet your Instructors


Anmol Sharma


Hey, My name is Anmol Sharma, and I am the CEO and founder of Finlight. I have a B.Tech from NIT Jalandhar and run @financial literate, an Instagram finance page with 270K+ followers where I try to simplify finance, business, and investment to the masses in a very simple language. I am an avid reader and a lifelong football player.


Ashutosh Singla


Hey, My name is Aashutosh Singla and I'm the founder & COO of Finlight. I completed my B.Tech from NIT Jalandhar but I was always interested in Finance, Business and Stock market. Carrying my passion forward, my dream is to inspire people and spread financial literacy.


Your content is 100% original, current, educational and easy to understand. It is quite difficult to condense such complex financial/securities information into small nuggets of digestible content. So kudos to you!!




This course is perfect for beginners who want to start their investment journey. Their presentation and way of teaching is phenomenal. Anyone who want to deepen their investment knowledge, should buy this course.


Aashirwad Joshi

Social media manager

It's a great course, the presentation is very and eye catching. What's even more important is that the concepts are cleared with good explanation that straightly dives into your mind. Plus, they give you notes as well


Abdul Shafi Shaik

Engineering Student


Ready to Invest in future


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